Influence of (formal and hidden) syllabus in the formation of medical students' professional identity

Jacqueline Rego Tardin, Iêda Aleluia


BACKGROUND: The professional identity of the medical student is formed during graduation and is subject to the interference of factors included in the formal curriculum and informal curriculum of the student. PURPOSE: This study aims to describe the influences that the formal curriculum and the hidden curriculum exert in the formation of the professional identity in the students of the medical course. METHODS: This is a cross-sectional, descriptive study with qualitative-quantitative methodology. A questionnaire was applied for the evaluation of the students about activities that occurred during graduation, insertion of humanism in academic practice, and socio-demographic description and group profile, and 200 participants received these questions. Quantitative data were analyzed using the statistical program SPSS 20.0, considering as statistically significant p <0.05 and qualitative data by content analysis and categorization. RESULTS: 111/200 students answered the questionnaire, the majority coming from the 8th semester of the institution. There was perception of the influence of mentors, the contribution of the curriculum and socialization in the formation of the student's professional identity. The analysis of the participants' speeches showed the internalization of the humanization occurs mainly through the importance of example, the contact with the patient and the importance of the previous formation of character and personality of the student. CONCLUSIONS: There is influence of the graduation and faculty in the professional identity of the medical student, in addition to the evidence of the need for new research that describes the impact of the hidden curriculum.


Medical education. Syllabus. Hidden syllabus. Professional identity.



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