ICDAS and dmft/DMFT. Sensitivity and specificity, the importance of the index used: a systematic review

Marcial Andrés Guiñez Coelho


INTRODUCTION: Untreated dental caries is the most prevalent chronic disease in adults and untreated caries in deciduous teeth is the tenth most frequent chronic disease. Most of the studies do not present a representative population and there are no comparative studies between Decay - Missing - Filled in permanent teeth (dmft/DMFT) and International Caries Detection and Assessment System (ICDAS). We will seek to evaluate if there are differences in sensitivity and specificity in the diagnosis of caries using the ICDAS and dmft/DMFT index. OBJECTIVES: The objective of the investigation is to evaluate if there are differences in the sensitivity and specificity in the detection of caries using the ICDAS and dmft/DMFT indexes. METHODS AND MATERIALS: A qualitative systematic review was performed, searching the dmft/DMFT caries index and ICDAS in the Medline, ClinicalKey and SciELO databases, finding 3,581 of which 21 were read in full and 14 met the inclusion and exclusion criteria. RESULTS: The sensitivity and specificity are higher with ICDAS than with the dmft/DMFT index and provides up to 43% more information when detecting noncavitated lesions, but requires more time and resources due to the use of light, compressed air and pre-examination prophylaxis. Previous training, knowledge and experience in ICDAS are fundamental for the best result, studies showed that the more experience the sensitivity and specificity increased, unlike the dmft/DMFT index, although ICDAS was easy to understand by inexperienced professionals. CONCLUSION: More comparative studies between both indexes should be carried out and include ICDAS in children due to their ability to detect non-cavitated lesions which are the most prevalent in temporary teeth.


Dental caries. DMF index. Dental health surveys. Sensitivity and specificity.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17267/2596-3368dentistry.v11i2.3122


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