Productivity of SUS dental prosthesis laboratories in the state of Bahia

Francisvânia Camilo Santos Alves, Lília Paula de Souza Santos, Natally Rocha Oliveira, Luíza Eloy Guimarães


INTRODUCTION: The difficulty in accessing oral health services and the practice of dental mutilation has led to a high number of individuals affected by edentulism. In order to reverse this situation, the National Oral Health Policy was implemented and with it the Dental Prosthesis Laboratories. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the productivity of the dental prothesis of these laboratories in the state of Bahia, in 2016. METHODOLOGY: This was a quantitative-descriptive study in which data were collected from Outpatient Information System of the Unified Health System regarding dental prosthesis productivity. The information of physical structure, human resources of the laboratories and their distribution by health regions were collected in the site of the National Registry of Health and other information about the municipality in the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics. The absolute and relative frequency of the variables and the comparison of productivity with the structural characteristics of the laboratories and health regions of Bahia were presented. RESULTS: We analyzed 51 municipalities that offer dental prosthesis services in SUS, of these 32 have CEO. A total of 46,870 prostheses produced of the type dentures, partial removable, fixed and on implant were observed, with the cities with CEO producing 66.49% and the 19 cities without CEO produced 33.51%. The type of prosthesis most performed was the total (58.73%) followed by the removable partial prosthesis (40.07%). The South region presented the highest productivity of dental prostheses (24.26%) while the region Center North produced the lowest amount (2.28%). CONCLUSION: Although there is a considerable amount of prostheses produced, only 12.2% of the municipalities in Bahia have a dental prosthesis laboratory, even demonstrating a considerable amount of productivity.


Dental Health Services. Dental Prosthesis. Health Services Research



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