Contributions of the oral health for user embracement at a Family Health Unit

Arthur Igor Lima, Marcos Vinicius de Santana Silva, Juliane Kely Fagundes, Taiana Cristine de Souza Pacheco


INTRODUCTION: The Family Health Strategy aims to reorganize Primary Care in accordance with Unified Health System (UHS) principles, aiming to expand, qualify and consolidate Primary Health Care by reorganizing the work process, increasing its effectiveness and having a positive impact on the health of individuals and communities. In Brazil, the “user embracement” concept meets the basic requirements of the health strategy, based on the implementation of the National Humanization Policy, which rethinks the UHS management model. OBJECTIVE: to report the experience of oral health team contributions to daily care at a family health unit (USF) in Lauro de Freitas, metropolitan region of Salvador, in the state of Bahia. MATERIALS AND METHODS: report of experience based on the experience of the Residents of Dentistry of the Program of Multiprofessional Residency in Family Health. RESULTS: The host goes from the initial access of the user to the system until the resolution of their health issues. In Oral Health is a tool capable of directing the organization and planning of activities guaranteeing access to the spontaneous demand, urgencies and daily needs of the population. CONCLUSIONS: The strategy developed for the user embracement of spontaneous demand and programmatic consultations in dentistry is the result of the need to organize a repressed demand for years in Brazil. The effective organization of the integrated user embracement was possible with articulation of all USF workers. Adapting UHS guidelines with access to oral health is a technical and political challenge, considering the health needs of the population.


Oral health. Primary health care. User embracement. Unified Health System.



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