Epidemiological analysis of the clefts and/or palatine fissures in the municipality of Feira de Santana: cross-sectional study

Lísia Daltro Borges Alves, Jamille Rios Moura, Valéria Souza Freitas


INTRODUCTION: Cleft lip and/or palate represent 65% of craniofacial anomalies and are a public health problem, due to the diverse implications that they generate to the wearer. OBJECTIVE: To describe the epidemiological profile of patients with Cleft lip and/or palate, from Feira de Santana, attended at the Center for the Rehabilitation of Craniofacial Anomalies of the Hospital Santo Antônio (Salvador-BA), from 2008 to 2013. MATERIAL AND METHOD: as an observational, descriptive and retrospective epidemiological study, carried out through the information of the records of the referred center. Eighteen charts comprised the final sample of this study. The data were submitted to the descriptive analysis in the SPSS program, version 17.0. RESULTS: Cleft lip and/or palate were found mainly in females (66.7%); 50% arrived at the center less than 1 year old; 90.3% of urban origin and 61.5% had monthly family income of 1-3 minimum wages. The unilateral incisor transforamen (27.7%) prevailed. None of the subjects had undergone surgery before entering the service; 88% underwent surgical treatment at the center, and the most commonly performed surgeries were the cheiloplasty (40%) and palatoplasties (36%). The majority (71.4%) of the mothers of the carriers had ages between 26 and 34 years at conception; 53.8% had an average level of education and 44.4% used medication during pregnancy. A case of consanguinity was reported. CONCLUSION: The results show the need to develop prevention programs and multiprofessional treatment directed to individuals with cleft lip and / or palate, natural of the city of Feira de Santana and microregions.


Cleft lip. Cleft palate. Health profile.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17267/2596-3368dentistry.v10i1.2244


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