Vilson Rocha Cortez Teles de Alencar, Micael Cavalcante, Rodrigo Firmino, Jackceane Santos, João Paulo Martins de Lima


The total replacement of the composite resin restorations is one of the most used techniques by dentist surgeons when these restorations show any flaw. This technique expands the cavity preparation by removing healthy dental tissue and this can cause possible damage to the pulp. The composite resin repair partially replaces a restoration by preserving the dental structure and the remaining defective composite resin substratum. Objective: Realizing a systematic review by studies which describe the clinical and laboratorial effectiveness of the repair of defective composite resin restorations. Method: This research is based on the information gathered on the database of PubMed, Scopus, BVS and SciELO. The chosen keyworks selected by DesC and MeSH are Composite Resins, Dental restoration wear, Dental restoration failure e Dental restoration repair. Results: It was included all the articles that would approach these techniques of reparation. Conclusion: There are few cientific evidences which show the success and the advantages of this method about total replacement, but the analyzed studies have already shown good results.


Composite Resins. Dental restoration wear. Dental restoration failure. Dental restoration repair



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