Bonding between resin cement and zirconia: a review of the literature on surface treatments and bond strength test

Viviane Figueiredo, Janaina Emanuella Galvão Menezes, Franco de Almeida Barros, Manassés Tercio Vieira Grangeiro, Lafayette Nogueira Junior


OBJECTIVE: to review the literature on ceramic zirconia adhesion to resin cement emphasizing the different treatments available in the literature. MATERIAL AND METHOD: We searched the electronic databases PubMed, Scielo and Bireme, using the terms adhesion, zirconia, bond strength. The inclusion and exclusion criteria were in silico, in vitro, in vivo studies; systematic review and meta-analysis, literature that addresses the study variables, language in Portuguese and English. RESULTS: the zirconia adhesion to other restorer materials has been gaining prominence, since they act improving the bond between resinous cement and ceramics, been directly connected to the functionality of the set. There are scientifically based techniques, nowadays, that promote in a mechanic or chemical way the materials interaction with particles of distinct aspects, been among them the blasting of alumina micro particles coated with silica and deposition of thin layers of plasma. FINAL CONSIDERATIONS: union resistance tests and surface analysis are by far the best form to qualify and forward experiments and directed treatments to restorer dental materials, being able to take adhesive characteristics acquired to a higher level.


Ceramics. Adhesion. Treatment.



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