Esthetic rehabilitation of anterior teeth with porcelain laminates: case report

Tassia Monique Pereira, Rebeca Barroso Bezerra, Andre Wilson Machado


Introduction: The increased appreciation of beauty has led professionals and patients to look for alternative treatments to modify the smile's appearance. In response to this demands of Esthetic Restorative Dentistry, the technique with ceramic dental porcelain laminates as a rehabilitative treatment option has achieved prominence because it can solve esthetic and functional problems with lower wear of dental structure. Objective: The case report presented here describes minimally invasive treatment of anterior teeth with porcelain laminate  to restore esthetics and function. Case report: The patient sought dental treatment reporting dissatisfaction with her smile. During the avaliation, there were a disharmony of volume and proportion between the maxillary anterior teeth and the patient's face. Therefore, the proposed treatment was the rehabilitation with ceramic dental contact lenses in units 1.3 to 2.3. After extra and intraoral photographs was performed the digital smile planning, wax up and mock up. Teeth preparations for the dental contact lenses consisted in the removal of retentive areas, then thoth were molded and the restorations confectioned with IPS e.max system. After color and adaptation testing, the tooth preparations and the inner surface of the dental lenses were treated and cemented using a photopolymerizable resin cement. Conclusion: This treatment was able to reproduce aesthetic and natural appearance of the teeth and integration of the restoration with the face of the patient, obtaining harmony and naturalness with the smile.


Smiling, esthetics, dental; ceramics, cementation.



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