Study protocol to assess sexual function in women of childbearing age with epilepsy


  • Ana Maria Cruz Santos Escola Bahiana de medicina e Saúde Publica
  • Humberto de Castro Lima Filho Escola Bahiana de medicina e Saúde Publica
  • Milena Bastos Brito Escola Bahiana de medicina e Saúde Publica



Epilepsy. Women. Sexual dysfunction.


INTRODUCTION: The diagnosis of epilepsy in women can trigger social, emotional, and sexual behavior changes. Studies have already shown that women in reproductive years with epilepsy are compromised in daily activities and quality of life due to their specificities. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate sexual function in women in reproductive years  with epilepsy. METHODS: This is a sectional, descriptive and analytical study with a quantitative approach. Two groups of women will be analyzed: exposed group: with epilepsy and non-exposed group: without epilepsy. Data collection will take place by applying socioeconomic, demographic, and clinical questionnaires, Beck anxiety and depression inventory, Whooqol-bref to assess the quality of life, FSFI for sexual function, and FGSIS for the self-image of the genitalia. For data analysis, we will use association tests or verification of differences between parametric and non-parametric groups. In addition, the dependent variable sexual function will be tested for comparison with the independent variables. P <a 0.05 will be considered as a measure of significance. EXPECTED RESULTS: It is expected that factors associated with sexual dysfunction in women of childbearing age with epilepsy can be identified. 


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