Perception of childhood and youth oncological patients, healthcare professionals and families about the disease – systematic review

Íris Borges Brito Mota, Alena Peixoto Medrado


The understanding of the real meaning of the universe of feelings experienced by pediatric-juvenile cancer patients representes a challenge for the multidisciplinary health team. This study aimed to provide a better understanding of how children and adolescents with cancer understand the disease, the care by health professionals, the experience of living at hospital team and their relationship with family members involved in this process. It was a systematic review that included qualitative and quantitative studies published between 2014 and 2018, in English and Portuguese, which were selected from the PUBMED, Scielo, BDENF databases. A total of 599 articles were found and 5 were selected because they met the established inclusion criteria. It was observed that all studies were carried out in human beings, covering 281 children, adolescents, their parents and health professionals, addressing their perceptions and experiences during the treatment of cancer. It was found that the diagnosis of cancer has a different impact on each patient and, as a rule, is related to negative feelings, such as fear, anxiety and depression. The biggest challenge cited by patients was their reintegration into daily activities. It was reported by parents and health professionals that children have a high degree of suffering, which is shared by family, caregivers and health professionals. The realization of this study enabled a better understanding of the daily lives of these children and adolescents, the way they relate to health professionals and their families.


Neoplasia. Pediatric patient. Perception. Teenager.



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