Early treatment of class III malocclusion - literature review

Letícia Plícila Barbosa Magalhães Ramadan, Milton Santamaria Júnior


Angle Class III malocclusion is seen in orthodontics as difficult to resolve due to the accompanying genetic factor, being caused by the discrepancy of the maxillary and mandibular bone bases, which leads to aesthetic and functional impairments. After the early treatment according to the technique and resources chosen by the responsible professional, the affirmation of the success of the therapy can still be given only after the patient's growth finishes. The objective of this work was to describe in a generalized way varieties of treatment that can be performed to soften the problem at a young age, in a primary or mixed dentition, besides presenting the professionals who have the first contact with this child, the vision they should have about the importance of early treatment.


Angle Class III, Primary dentition, Mixed dentition, Treatment.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17267/2596-3368dentistry.v9i3.1843


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