The influence of oral conditions on quality of life of adolescents: an integrative review

Raphael Lobo de Souza, Ana Rita Duarte Guimarães, Paulo Carvalho Tobias Duarte, Hervânia Santana da Costa, Adriana Mendonça da Silva


INTRODUCTION: During adolescence, changes in oral health status can influence even more the quality of life since in this phase there is greater physical, psychological and social vulnerability, being a moment in which the individual is shaping his identity. OBJECTIVE: to evaluate the level of evidence and scientific knowledge currently available in the literature on the association between the status of the oral condition of adolescents and the quality of life reported by them. METHODOLY: This integrative review followed the steps idealized by Cooper (1982). After the problem was formulated, data were collected from the studies found in Pubmed and Lilacs databases. The studies that attended the inclusion and exclusion criteria previously established were selected and completely read. During the analysis of collected data, each article was classified according to their level of evidence. Afterwards, it was realized the analysis and interpretation of data and finally the public presentation. RESULTS: From the adopted criteria, 13 articles were selected, most of them were cross-sectional studies. Systematic reviews or randomized controlled trials were not found. The Oral Health Impact Profile (OHIP-14) was the most used instrument. CONCLUSION: There were few studies with a high level of scientific evidence that evaluated the association between the status of adolescents' oral condition and the quality of life reported by them. The literature is still inconclusive regarding the association of oral health and quality of life of adolescents.


Quality of life. Adolescent. Oral health.



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