Clinical and radiographic survey of decivid teeth submitted to pulpotomes with the CTZ paste: case reports

Joana Vitória Melo, Regina De Oliveira, Neusa Dantas-Neta, Éllen Maria De Andrade


Objective: The technique of pulpotomy in deciduous teeth using the CTZ (chloramphenicol, tetracycline, zinc oxide) paste is characterized by being an easy-to-perform technique with considerable clinical success. The present study aims to report the clinical and radiographic monitoring of deciduous teeth that were submitted to pulpotomy with CTZ paste in four patients. Description of cases: The work was approved by DeVry’s CEP | Facid (CAAE 57347016.5.0000.5211). Those responsible for the participants signed the Informed Consent Term (TCLE). Participants signed the Informed Consent Term (TALE). The 3 children reported had at least one deciduous endodontically treated tooth with the CTZ technique, with restoration under satisfactory clinical conditions and diagnostic radiography with clear images of the tooth that was evaluated. The aspects related to deciduous teeth such as pain, abscess, fistula, mobility and color change were evaluated in the 3 cases. The radiographs of the tooth submitted to pulpotomy with CTZ after 1 month were compared with preoperative and postoperative radiographs to verify bone resorption and internal and / or external root resorption. It was observed in all 3 teeth, color change of the crown and in only 1 element the presence of pain after seven days. Radiographically, the teeth presented no pulpotomy failure criteria, showing no thickening of the periodontal ligament and the presence of new bone formation. Conclusion: It can be concluded that the pulpotomy in deciduous teeth with necrotic pulp, using CTZ pulp as the material, proved to be effective in the three follow-ups reported after 30 days. At the end of follow-up, the teeth did not present fistula, abscess, pathological dental mobility, bone resorption, internal and / or external resorption and regression of the lesion.


Deciduous tooth, Pulpotomy, Endodontics.



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