Network analysis of quantitative encephalography



Connectivity matrix, Functional connectivity, Effective connectivity, Adjacency matrix, Graph, Nodes, Edges, Clustering coefficient, Shortest path length, Small-world, Hypothesis test


This is a technical video on hands-on format introducing the concepts of neural connectivity and complexity measures with applications to neurostimulation assessment, based on the brain network analysis. The scientific relevance of this submission is the introduction of the small-world parameter, a graph complexity measure considered as a biomarker of brain disordes and used to validate neurostimulation therapies. The small-world is a technical network feature but addressed in this presentation as a brain network efficiency measure, in a concise and assertive way, not common in the literature. The narrative is didactic and accessible to researchers from several fields, suitable for professional and educational applications, allowing the generalization of the addressed techniques.




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Fonseca , A. . (2022). Network analysis of quantitative encephalography. Brain Imaging and Stimulation, 1, e4429. Retrieved from



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