Thelma Simões Matsukura, Mariana Soragni


Infantile autism compromises different areas of development, emphasizing the communication skills, social interaction, as well as the presence of repetitive behaviors and restrictions of interests. The present study has as its goal to review the national and international literature regarding the Occupational Therapy’s studies and practices in regard of the individuals with infantile autism, having as a source of data collection scientific journals, from 2000 to 2010, in English and Portuguese. In order to fulfill this study, it has been developed a recording protocol which has covered and systematized key information of the studies found. In the international literature, the research has been done through the CAPES’ journals website, allowing access to seven specific journals in the Occupational Therapy field. The national search has been done through the online library Scielo, along with the analysis of Ufscar’s Occupational Therapy Notebooks, USP’s Occupational Therapy Magazine, and the Annals of Brazilian Congresses of Occupational Therapy during the determined period. The study’s results highlight that the publications regarding that theme are increasing in Brazil as well as internationally. However, their focuses diverge in the way that, internationally, the researches approach more often the subject of Sensorial Integration related infantile autism, and, in the meantime, the studies in Brazil present broader approaches to autism. This study is considered important to Occupational Therapy and its adjacent areas, and it is expected to be able for contributing for deepening the knowledge of this theme, as well as being able to provide foundations for future studies and for the planning of intervention practices along with this population.


Autistic Disorders; Occupational Therapy; Review


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